Fabian Kurdzel: “I really like working here”

Fabian Kurdzel arrived to Factory at the beginning of September. He helped our work as a communication intern for three weeks. Fabian is going home to Kiel tomorrow, but before he left, we talked with him about his Hungarian experiences.

FactoryReporter: How did you get to Factory?
Fabian: I got to Factory via an exchange program from my school. It was a European Union supported project, a scholarship from the Leonardo Da Vinci Foundation. I didn’t really have the chance to choose my Hungarian company, because the teachers of the hosting school had looked for companies where we could work. The application was the same as it is for a proper job. This internship is mainly for collecting impressions about Hungarian office jobs, to learn something new about Hungarian companies and culture.

FactoryReporter: What are you doing at Factory?
Fabian: I had two different kinds of tasks: during my working hours I’ve done some research about Twitter, and analyzed Factory’s website. As my homework I had to create a photo album about my time here at Factory and the typographic signs of Szeged. I think the most useful task was the summary about Twitter because I’ve never used Twitter before. Now I’m an active and engaged Twitter pro. :)

FactoryReporter: Do you like working at Factory? What is your opinion about the company?
Fabian: I really like working here. Everyone is friendly, enthusiastic and they have always helped me when I had problems or questions. I think the company really deserved the title “Best workplace for women”. It is a very nice company, I really like working here.

FactoryReporter: What about your studies? What and where are you studying?
Fabian: Actually I am on a vocational training in Germany, which means that I’m not studying in the general way right now. In about two years, I will start studying business administration and disaster management in Germany and after my bachelor courses I’ll try to get my master. Master of Disaster – I am not kidding, it’s really called that. :D

FactoryReporter: What have you learnt during your internship?
Fabian: I’ve learnt a lot during my internship. I think the best point was that I could improve my English skills. In Germany, we don’t have the chance to use English as often as here. I’ve also learnt to use a Mac. I think I will buy one, once I have saved enough money for that. I really like working with it. I’m sure that all the experience and knowledge I gained here will prove useful in the future. Working in a foreign country has been a great experience, and no one can take these impressions and experiences away from me.

FactoryReporter: How was Factory’s sport- and healthcare-day for you?
Fabian: Well, it was a great day, I had a good chance to get acquainted with the colleagues a little more. Normally they are all very busy. It was also a very heavy day for me because usually I don’t do any kind of sports; I’m a couch potato… I tried table tennis at first, and after a short break I went to the badminton challenge. On the next day I felt stiff (proper muscle-hangover), it was awful… With the exception of this stiffness I loved badminton and the whole day itself. I also drank my first Pálinka that day and I loved it.

FactoryReporter: Do you like Szeged and Hungary? What are your best experiences?
Fabian: I love this city very much – it’s always sunny. I even got a nice tan! ☺ It’s a shame that the most beautiful buildings are amortized and neglected. It is very cool that most of the inhabitants are students, and maybe that’s the reason why the weekend parties are amazing. One of my best experiences was to see the Parliament at night from the Danube. It was the most impressive sight for me in Hungary. We also visited Bugac, but I didn’t really like it, it was just too calm and too flat. I tried to learn some Hungarian too, but the spelling and the pronunciation are quite difficult for me.

FactoryReporter: Have you tried typical Hungarian food? Which one was your favourite?
Fabian: Yes, I’ve tried lángos, it was really good. I also tried the Hungarian pancake, that’s my favourite, and with that white cottage cheese cream, it’s sooooo good. =)

FactoryReporter: Which sights have you visited?
Fabian: Well, we had dinner at a Csárda in the Puszta, visited the Parliament and the Palace in Budapest. In Szeged, we’ve been to the Aquapolis, checked some exhibitions and of course some clubs and pubs during the night. We have been in the city’s library and we are going to take a tour to Ópusztaszer.

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