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Basecamp in Hungarian – translated by Diana Lakatos from Factory

The following announcement appeared on 37signalsʼ webpage on 2nd June 2010.
“Basecamp now speaks Italian, Russian, Hungarian and Japanese too: We continue to add more translations to Basecamp and are proud to present Italian, Russian, Hungarian, and Japanese as recent additions.

These translations were brought to you by:
* Italian by Libo Cannici from Studiolabo, Milano
* Hungarian by Diána Lakatos from Factory Creative Studio
* Russian by Yaroslav Markin from Evil Martians
* Japanese by Beck Kuchkorov and Yuka Young from Helicoid Limited”r

We made an interview with our colleague, Diána Lakatos to find out what this buzz is all about.
- Diána, first of all, give us a clear view about what 37signals and Basecamp are?
- 37signals is a company established in Chicago in 1999 developing web-based software that is easy to use and helps get the job done. They emphasize simplicity and usability
over too many features that youʼd probably never use, while keeping their attention to detail and having very elegant interfaces. They developed Basecamp, an online project
management tool, Highrise, a CRM system, Campfire, a real-time chat for collaboration and Backpack, an easy intranet solution.
Not only do they develop software, they share their experience, too. Their second book REWORK summarizes their unique take on business.
- When and how have you first met Basecamp?
Iʼm a key account manager at Factory Creative Studio, so I communicate with both colleagues and clients a lot. I began using Basecamp back when I was a junior, and never
stopped using it since. The first time I logged in I immediately saw how this could make my work a lot more efficient and how it could simplify things for both our clients and us.
- What do you like in Basecamp the most?
I like how there is no stress building up while working in it. I guess this is how you can tell good design from the rest, be it software, a telephone or any other product you use. When
using it feels natural and you just enjoy what youʼre doing.
- What about your clients? Did they find using Basecamp useful?
Absolutely. Most of the time clients wouldnʼt want to try a new system – like I said, thatʼs because they have encountered too much bad design in the past and they feel it will be
another system to log into, learn how to use it, and basically just take their time from other pressing matters. Fortunately as soon as I show them what it looks like and how easy it is
to use, they happily jump into it. Iʼm talking about design, ease of use and making your work more fun, but all of this also means saving time and money for the client.
- How came the idea to translate Basecamp into Hungarian?
I read Signal vs. Noise, a blog by 37signals, where they posted about Basecamp going international. They were looking for volunteers to translate it into your native language, so I
applied right away.
- Can you tell us about the process of the translation?
First, I emailed 37signals about my previous experience as a translator and my language skills. Iʼm fluent in English and German, I just got my first Japanese language certificate,
my mother tongue is Hungarian. I have worked as a translator before, I translated books from German into Hungarian, so I could imagine what volunteering for this work would
mean. They responded quickly and I became the Hungarian translator. I got access to their Basecamp where I met the other translators and 37signalsʼ members who were involved in
the translation process. I also got access to Tolk, a translation software where you have all the strings lined up on one side and you have to write your translation on the other side. There were more than 2000 strings to translate, so it was quite a lot of work. It took about 2 weeks to finish it, working 1-4 hours on it nearly each day.
- Did you get any support from your workplace, Factory Creative Studio?
I got all the support I needed. I was allowed to work on the translation during my working hours, and I continuously tested the Hungarian version by setting our companyʼs Basecamp to Hungarian.
- Would you do it again?
Yes. It was hard work, but a very good experience. And itʼs great to see the whole interface in Hungarian!
I hope it will help Hungarian companies and clients to get to know and use Basecamp.
- Thank you, Diana.


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